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System Leaders

System leaders are school leaders who work beyond their own school to support other schools.

The National College defines their role as: “leaders who work within and beyond their individual organisations; sharing
and harnessing the best resources that the system can offer to bring about improvement in their own and other organisations; and influencing thinking, policy and practice so as to have a positive impact on the lives and life chances of all children and young people.”

Specialists can be designated to support your school in the following areas:

Raising Standards
School Improvement
Specialist Areas (eg. Maths, Reading)
Data Analysis
Facilitating and Training
Joint Action Planning
Leadership Development

We also work alongside a number of consultants from across Lincolnshire schools and businesses. Along with these consultants, LEARN shares a passion and drive towards providing high quality, informative and practical training and support.

Our support and training packages can be tailored to your needs and we will always endeavour to meet your requirements whenever possible. We can offer both one-to-one and group training and support.

Here are examples of some of the support and training we currently offer:

EYFS Support
Reading/Maths/Science Support
Team Teach Training
First Aid
Passenger Assist Training
Outdoor Learning
Moving and Handling
SENCO Support
Engagement Model
School Resource Management
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