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Visions and Values

Our Vision

To provide high quality Education for All across Lincolnshire.
In an ever-changing educational landscape, with SEND being high on the national agenda, LEARN seeks to maximise their impact through working collaboratively with a range of schools, with our vision to improve the quality of teaching and learning for those with SEND in all settings, improving the outcomes for all.
We aim to do this by harnessing expertise in SEND, inclusion, teaching, leadership and coaching resulting in high quality impact driven continuous professional learning for all practitioners.

Our Values

What does this look like in practice?
• Collaborative working with a shared purpose, trust and respect.
• Promote, share and harness excellence in our local schools.
• Encourage others to engage in local alliances and school improvement partnerships.
• Outward looking partners who listen to and support local leaders.
• Enhanced pathways – training and development for SEND Leaders, teachers and support staff.
• School improvement driven through strategic leadership from NLEs, LLEs and SLEs working collaboratively to support shared goals.
• Experts (SLEs/Therapists/Consultants) working as a shared resource across Lincolnshire and wider.

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